Product features

  • Formulated after testing 50+ formulations on 25+ inkjet printers (CISS and Cartridge)
  • All ingredients pass through stringent parameter testing before being introduced in the manufacturing process
  • Can withstand a Printer Standby Time of 20+ days

Ingredient Characteristics

  • Demineralized water used to provide a stable formulation
  • Perfect dosage of humectants to ensure Print head remains moist and does not clog
  • High quality biocides used to ensure no micro orgasmic growth and longer shelf life
  • Salt free dyes used to ensure vibrant colors and zero damage to print head
  • Perfect dosage of buffers to maintain alkalinity throughout
  • Right combination of Surfactants used to Ensure OEM specified Surface Tension range and perfect penetration in paper

Why no clogging?

  • Only Salt free dyes procured from best sources used: Salts are the impurities that are there in the dyes as a part of the dye manufacturing process and they corrode the print head. Dyes are treated multiple times to remove the salts, which makes them costlier by 2-3 times.
  • Multilevel Filtration: Each color ink passes through two levels of filters i.e. 1 microns each to remove all the insoluble content and ensure that the particle size of the product is < 1 micron whereas the nozzle size averages to 30-40 microns.
  • High end Humectant combination with a >15% dosage: When printer is on standby, the volatile part of the left over ink dries out leaving behind the solid residue of the colorant which blocks the nozzles. Humectants are less volatile ingredients in inkjet formulations which keep the print head moist.

Confused about Original vs compatible inks?

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