• Needle (Cn) Canon Printer Ink ( G790 ) – Black color (100 ml)


    Looking for options to buy Canon printer ink online? Needle Inkjet offers the best ink for Canon GI 790 black color ink. All our inks are formulated keeping in mind the client’s requirements for CISS Printers. We offer premium and top quality products that make the use of salt-free dyes only, are double-layer filtered, and have 15+ days printer standby time. Offering the most efficient solution for Canon printers specifically for Canon G790 black color ink, all our products are low-cost alternatives to OEM inks and possess long life of printer head. Buy Canon printer ink online from one of the market leaders of printer ink manufacturing in India.

    Formulated after testing 100+ formulations on 25+ inkjet printers, ‘Needle’ compatible inkjet inks are the best in class. Being a low-cost alternative to the OEM inks, it serves two main objectives – Long life of print head and Brilliant colors. They can withstand 15+ days of printer standby time.