• Needle (Ep 001/003) Epson Yellow Color ink – 100ml


    Buy Epson Yellow Color Ink for your Epson Printers from the best in market printer ink manufacturers in India. These desktop inkjet inks are double layer filtered and made using salt-free dyes only and can withstand 15+ days printer standby time.
    Get your hands on Epson Yellow Color Ink compatible with your Epson printer and make the most of seamless everyday printing purposes. Water, smudge, and fade-resistant these inks offer unprecedented superior quality prints. The Epson Yellow Color Ink serves majorly two objectives: long life of the print head and vibrant tones of yellow.

    Formulated after testing 100+ formulations on 25+ inkjet printers, ‘Needle’ compatible inkjet inks are the best in class. Being a low cost alternative to the OEM inks, it serves two main objectives – Long life of print head and Brilliant colors. They can withstand 15+ days printer standby time.